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At the southern tip of every region sits a dock where trainers, breeders, and contest connoisseur alike travel to. Why make such a trip you may ask? Well, its a wonderful and yet mysterious tale that has a part in how your adventure will begin.

It is rumored that somewhere in the middle of the open seas sits an island. Not just any island, but an island devout to Pokemon, inhabited by The Pokemon Professor. It is that this very same Professor runs a large lab where she spends day in and day out studying Pokemon. No one has ever seen or visited this Pokemon paradise but what can be said for sure is the excitement that comes from what is delivered from the island itself. From this island, a train continuously ventures on its journey over crisp ocean waters towards the regions with Pelippers and Wingulls roosting within for a long ride. Within the train's bowels Pokemon eggs sit awaiting to be delivered. As the train meets each watery station the docks are filled with ecstatic chatter and the soft flutter of Pelipper wings as the bird Pokemon take it as their duty to hand out each egg to their new homes.
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